San Francisco – March 3 – Live MPC Set

San Francisco March 3, 2015
I’ll be doing a live MPC set – pad mashing Space/DnB
On this awesome bill with many friends and the legendary DJ QBert!
And doing viz for my set… my good friend outpt!

BTW… my website is sadly out of date but lots of new viz and music constantly being posted on my Instagram


Visuals for NYC Pride 2014

So happy to have been invited back for the 3rd year to do visuals for NYC Pride!
The events just keep getting better and love working with the very talented team of Guy Smith (lighting), Liz Ligouri (lighting) and Robert Montenegro (visuals).

Here’s a picture from the Saturday night “Teaze” dance on Pier 26:

And here’s a short clip taken a few nights before the events of me getting some visuals together:

Video of my first solo A/V set

On 4/27/14 I did my first solo A/V set. Performed at Splice in NYC.
Improvised beats and breaks on the MPC which was also triggering visuals via MIDI.
Visuals created in Pure Data and Processing.
Above is video of some of the night – mistakes and all. I learned much from doing this and have many ideas for improvement!
Thanks to all for coming and special shout out to Vade for capturing it!


Live A/V set at Splice, NYC – April 27, 2014

Sunday April 27, 2014 at Splice
My first (and last before I leave NYC) live A/V set!
I’ll be doing live music and triggered visuals on the MPC!
Splice has been putting on great shows for years and I’m really excited to finally play at one. Also on the bill that night Vusac, Blipvert and DJ Some Call him Tim.
Splice is FREE and located at Solas 232 E 9th Street, NYC.
More details on the FB page here.